Mrs. Butterworth's Station Wagon

by Bill Tuomala

Denver suburbs, mid-seventies. Older brother and sister have an FM vs. AM cold war going on at home and baby brother is being bounced from side to side. But hop into your friend's mom's station wagon and she drives us to and from Southglenn or Cinderella City or that new store Target and the radio is always on. All you do is listen, enjoy.

Way in the back, Craig talks over the deejay, Brent jumps in excitedly. Says the next song has a guitar that sounds like a frog. No way! Then an eternity and Rocky Mountain Way is better than the way we had, yes – the guitar sounds like a frog – oh man …

Let It Ride kicks in. Catchy, oh so catchy. Ride ride ride let it ride. Tell Me Something Good swamps everything into glorious shades of sunshine and fun. A break? No! Dancing, dancing, dancing, she's a Dancing Machine … and the five of them making you smile like you were five again. Quizzed about the new girl who sits next to you in art class. You try not to smile, and look away. She has tan skin, dark hair and eyes. You never know what to say when she talks to you.

Riding up Sante Fe coming back from mini-golf; fiddle, Black Water just keeps rolling on by just the same. Shining Star, no matter who you are. When you're hot, you're hot, you really shoot your shot. Sometimes it snows on Christmas and we have a snowball fight. Sometimes it's warm and we ride bikes in jeans and teeshirts.

A band called the Jokers they were laying it down. Well the rain exploded with a mighty crash. This kid at school is mad at you because you like Elton and his mom won't let him listen to this station because of the bitch song oh well he likes that Rocky Mountain High sissy anyway you don't know why he was ever your best friend. Sing along with your friends, the ones on your block who sing along with Elton. It's the way that I move, the things that I do. It's Saturday afternoon and we still haven't played football yet. Then tonight it's water balloons, get the big guys back. Denver suburbs, our block.

Exiled on Main Street #45

Exiled on Main Street