... And Their Editor Said I Was "Too Flashy"

(The best thing about the old First Avenue calendars was that they were easy to read - you just slapped them on your fridge door and you'd plan your weekend while grabbing a cold one. The best thing about the new First Avenue in-house mag / calendar is the writing. I recently attempted writing something in their style and submitted it...)

Alex Chilton is from Memphis. Memphis is a city which has put out a lot of music. Alex got his start as a teenager singing with the Box Tops. He later formed Big Star. They made three albums before Alex started his solo career.

I first heard Alex when I was a freshman in college. Boy, did he sound great. I liked him right away. Then a guy in my dorm turned me on to Big Star. Man, were they great. Their lyrics, harmonies, and instruments were all so good-sounding.

Alex is a long-time veteran of the music scene. He continues to make new music even after all these years. He tours also. Alex has influenced every artist who has come along in the past thirty years: Everyone from Soul Asylum to the Jayhawks to Golden Smog. His show is a guaranteed good time. Check out this godfather of alternative music - you won't regret it!

Alex Chilton plays in the Mainroom Monday, August 14th. $12 adv/$15 door. Doors 8 p.m. 21+

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