From: "Bill Tuomala" (
To: "xxx xxxxx xxxxxx" (
Subject: another (yes!) email involving PJ Harvey!
Date: Thursday, January 11, 2001 8:44 PM

The other night I had this dream where PJ Harvey
lived in town and we worked together. We were pals
and had secret crushes on each other.

I said to her, hey should get together and should
have lunch again sometime. 

She said yeah, but how about dinner instead? (the
look in her eyes implied that this was to be a
romantic date, we both started blushing and

I said yeah that sounds great. How about we go out
for dinner next Monday?

She said I want to get together as soon as possible
- how about dinner on Friday night?

Then I said (and I kid you not) sorry can't make it
on Friday: I'm going to the Sioux/Gophers hockey

Polly was crushed, I woke up real sad. My
subconscious is an idiot.

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