"What made you decide to get that album?" is a question I've been asking myself a lot lately. Far from being a Completionist*, I'm actually more of a restless soul - always looking for new kicks. It's generally many factors that influence me in my album-acquiring choices. So what me decide to get that album?

Sometimes, the decision is a result of a direct order. Like this one -

The Early Year

Simple, huh? Actually a little remarkable when I realize that it was probably the first conversation I've had in the Entry with someone that wasn't with me in about three years. (Minnesota Not-So-Nice plus Hipster Iciness = 7th Street Entry 'Tude.) And it's not every day you have a (non-Orwellian) big brotherly figure like Walsh guiding you.

So what made me absolutely have to have Toys in the Attic one Saturday night? A myriad of influences:

Toys in the Attic

What made me want to get an album by a multi-platinum selling artist who I had previously ignored and/or dismissed?


Many times I get accused of listening to "obscure" artists. Apparently certain folks are offended by my lack of narrowcasting and my refusal to hunker down and listen to only the bands I (actually they) loved twenty years ago. Fuck 'em - as a relatively unknown artist myself, I need to support my brethren. So how does one discover (and that's a dumb word) such an artist?

The Hurting Business

* The list of artists whose albums I all own (they must have released at least three albums to be considered; and live albums, anthologies, rarities, posthumous explorations, etc. are excluded) on compact disc is pretty small: Big Star, Guns n' Roses, Lifter Puller, Metallica, Pearl Jam, PJ Harvey, Replacements, Sleater-Kinney, Soul Asylum, Paul Westerberg, Wilco.

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