From: "Chris Dxxxxxx" <

  To: <>

  Subject: Van Halen + Nirvana


Dear Editor,

You wrote in Exiled 27 that Metal was underground until Nirvana. You really have no idea what you're talking about.

Nirvana was the about the death of butt-rock hair metal bands. The only remotely metal thing Nirvana did was Bleach. Nirvana killed Heavy Metal bands.

You seem to love GnR so much -- I'd think you would know that they were already massively popular before Nirvana was even a working band.

I REALLY have no idea what you're trying to say when you say that Nirvana brought Van Halen in for unplugged.

Get your shit straight, you idiot.




  From: Super Jett


  Subject: Idioteche


I accidentally stumbled onto one of your ramblings on the internet, are you some kind of music critic wannabe?  If so, give it up, it seems as though that you lack the brains, experience and knowledge to successfully write about music with any bit of insight or opinion that could be of any interest to anybody.




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Is there anyway to know what the lyrics in "hey Jude" were about?

Thx !!





  From: Ted Dxxxxxxx



You are a moron.  We should put people like you all on a ship and send them to Cuba.




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