Late Night With David Letterman. (NBC Television, 1982-1993.)15


Led Zeppelin. Untitled fourth album. (Atlantic, 1971.)


Lifter Puller. Half Dead and Dynamite. (No Alternative, 1997.)


Lynyrd Skynyrd. Second Helping. (MCA, 1974.)


Greil Marcus. Mystery Train. (Obelisk/Dutton, 1975/1990.)


Dave Marsh. Fortunate Son. (Random House, 1985.)


The Marshall Tucker Band. “Can’t You See.” On The Marshall Tucker Band. (Capricorn, 1973.)


Megadeth. “Peace Sells.” On Peace Sells ... But Who’s Buying? (Capitol, 1986.)16


John Cougar Mellencamp. “Pink Houses.” On Uh-Huh. (Riva, 1983.)


Metallica. Master of Puppets. (Elektra, 1986.)17


Rick Moody. “Primary Sources.” In The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven. (Little, Brown and Company, 1995.)18



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15 Irrevence, goofs, tanked monologues, and a gleeful mockery of celebrity snobs and powermongers. Dave has easily been the number one influence on American comedy and humor in my lifetime.


16 “Whatya mean I can’t get to work on time? / got nuthin better to do” (See footnote #24 below.)


17 She said “you’re never going to find a girlfriend who likes Metallica.” I said “so?” Turns out she was right, but in my defense I must again say “so?”


18 I obtained/stole the idea for this issue from this piece, which is sort of Moody’s personal bibliography. I love making lists - my brother once told me that if I ever write a book it should be called Bill’s Book of Lists. This is the longest list I’ve ever made - and the most fun.