From: "Steve Jockisch"

To: "Bill Tuomala"

Subject: Polls?

Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 8:50 AM



Write a street accounting textbook! That would be
fucking great!


Ok kids you wanna make some money, and you wanna use
unconventional accounting means to do it, but you
don't quite know where to start. Well, I, Bill T the
hardest mother fucker, hard as hard can get, will
show you the ways my young apprentice. Lesson 1: GET
TO KNOW your fists, you'll be using them more than
ever before. I'll show you how to collect on
invoices with more that just a finance charge
(mother fuckers). Lesson 2: BEEF UP your tolerance
to alcoholic beverages, No TRUE street accountant
can do his job properly sober after 12:00 pm. UNLESS
YOU'RE A BITCH MADE SISSY. Well kids I think that's
all for this week. If you think your ready for the
dark (sin)ister lifestyle that is BILL TUOMALA come
back next week for a few more lessons! Until then


Love Steve.