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Chinese Democracy is the title of the alleged, supposedly-soon-to-be-released Guns n' Roses album. The title track - available for download if you look - drops references to the Falun Gong and implies to Sino leaders that democracy in their country is just a matter of time. During the recent USA/China standoff, I daily looked through the music news on the Net, expecting the album to be released ... maybe Axl would leave thousands of copies with the Chinese embassy in D.C. ... then Powell would jump on the bandwagon (U.S. APOLOGIZES TO CHINA ... FOR GNR ALBUM DELAYS) and undoubtedly piss of Beijing and trigger the war that some of those hawks in Washington weren't able to get started.

"ROCK BAND PUSHES U.S. INTO WAR" - That would really give Joe Lieberman something to moan about, though I wonder if his fellow prude John "Wayne" McCain might not back Axl in the whole deal.

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