From: Bill Tuomala (
To: xxxx (
Subject: in dreams
Date: Thursday, April 13, 2000 10:14 PM

forgot to tell ya this one this morning:

had a dream last night where I was courting this real
cool rock chick that I totally had a crush on. Yes,
"courting." She had suitors and there was a few of us
who went through these interview/quiz sessions with
her. I somehow managed to be a finalist and she asked
me what our first date would be like. I said
something about drinks at the Bryant Lake Bowl and
then a show at the Entry. She said "no cliches,
please, I'll be back in five minutes for another
answer from you."

so she leaves the room, and I immediately head for
the phone to call my pal xxx "Dr. Love" xxx. Then
she pops back in the room and says "and no help from
one of your goofball buddies!"

So I ended up saying "we could go to the zoo" and it
sounded like she really wanted to go out with me, she
had a certain flirty friendliness in her voice. But I
think the other finalist had lots of money, and I
woke up all bummed out.

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