please, Ally

you're in pain
nothing works
Billy yells too much
True Love is lost

please, Ally
no one wants to be
your friend, you drag
them all down,
your fantasies are
pathetic, you can't
hold onto a man

please, Ally
the cases you argue
aren't about the Law
they're an excuse
for you and your
quirky associates
to reflect on
True Love

please, Ally
Tracey Ullman couldn't help
you spend too much time
in the bar
you're wasting away
into nothing

please, Ally
you'll never find
True Love
you'll never be happy
every Monday ends
with you alone
it's hopeless

please, Ally
I really really want
to see those lips
wrapped around a
big long
shotgun barrel

our misery will end
we'll all be in a better
end the pain,
Ally please

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