I Probably Read Too Many Rock Books ...

Our Band Could Be Your Life had me thinking a question I ask myself way too often: What does Chuck Eddy think?

Michael Azerrad in Our Band Could Be Your LifeChuck Eddy in Stairway To Hell
Black Flag"...boiled over with rage on several fronts: police harassment, materialism, alcohol abuse, the stultifying effects of consumer culture...""...if they think life is so goddamned hard for themselves, they oughta talk to some people who aren't football-player-shaped Caucasian thugs."
Minor Threat"...you couldn't play this incredible music if you were fucked up...""DC's band of bald puritans almost certainly could've benefited from a guzzle or toke or three."
Husker Du"...occupied and unexplored a no-man's land between hardcore noise and pure pop, reclaiming melody from the domain of mass-produced pap, but furiously smudging it over with distortion.""Their knack for pow-pow-powerpop hooks has rarely been equaled, and unlike so many of their disciples and contemporaries, they wrote actual songs, but I still get the feeling something big's missing."
Sonic Youth"The (band) members were fans of pop art and the fertile juxtapositions of postmodernism...""...the band thinks it's cleverer than the popjunk it's so fond of plundering ... which makes it patronizing, campy, cynical, and full of shit."
Butthole Surfers"(Their music) was creepy and dark and ugly and weird.""...a snowjob's a snowjob."
Big Black"...the band's music ... was original to a downright confrontational degree.""...like Warren Zevon on The Envoy only not as clever."
Dinosaur Jr"...music that had strong melodies, gorgeous chords, and dramatic dynamic shifts.""...if you make re-creating Side Two of Rust Never Sleeps your life's goal, at least if you don't have the songs to pull the mission off (which you don't, trust me.)"

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