Rock Quiz #2

Match the overzealous rock artist cult with the quote that best describes them. (Answers below.)

1. Fugazi FundamentalistsA. "Where the way to break the bubblegum market is simply to shout, to be louder and flasher and more vulgar than the competition, the avant garde has to be breached by stealth, by intellectual flattery, by the suggestion that only the very finest minds could possibly understand the product offered. On that basis, though the intelligentsia is maybe even more gullible than the kids." (Nik Cohn)
2. Bjork BelieversB. " intensity and dedication a notch or two this side of Scientology.." (Steve Erickson)
3. Brian-Wilson-As-Genius DorksC. "You need to kill a six-pack and lighten up!" (Norm Peterson)
4. SpringsteenoholicsD. "You're living in a world of make-believe! With flowers and bells and leprechauns and magic frogs with funny little hats." (Homer Simpson)
5. DeadheadsE. "If I have to choose a drug-addled-over-the-hill-fat-fuck-guy who created great art decades ago, I'll take Ozzy Osbourne." (Bill Tuomala)

Answers: 1)C 2)A 3)E 4)B 5)D

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