why be a captain of industry when you can be a lieutenant of leisure?

I recently talked with a representative from a local technical college and she said that if I was ever interested in teaching an accounting class to give 'em a call. So I drafted the following class description:

Accounting 666: Self-Employment

In this class you will learn how to mix your basic accounting knowledge,
a DIY attitude, and slacker cred with a coffee-by-day / beer-by-night lifestyle. 

Class Topics Include:

 Working At Home: Five Discs With The CD Player Set On
  "Shuffle" Vs. AM radio
 Surviving Kinko's: Pretending You're In A Sitcom
 Hangover Management I: Mailing Your Performance In
 Computer Essentials I: Running Excel, QuickBooks, Internet
  Explorer, Outlook, And Napster Simultaneously
 Doing Your Own Taxes: A Sunday Afternoon, Four Beers,
  And TurboTax
 Client Relations: Feigning Interest In Their Business
 Dressing For Success: Jeans, Tee-shirt, And Baseball Hat
  Vs. Jeans, Tee-shirt, And No Baseball Hat
 Hangover Management II: The Naptime Strategy
 Computer Essentials II: DSL, DSL, DSL - Downloading
  Rare Dylan MP3's And Reading Sportsline.com While
  Talking To Similarly Self-Employed Friends On The Phone

With the skills acquired here you can create your own
sometimes-fun, sometimes-profitable day job. Then those
proud words of Charlie Daniels will become your affirmation:
"I ain't got no money but I damn sure got it made."

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