why PJ Harvey rules

PJ Harvey is my favorite cock-rocker. At her recent Fine Line show, she played a new song - newer than her new album, even - that at some point went into a "Whole Lotta Love" rhythm. This was cool, because she was emulating cock-rock kings Led Zeppelin. And her 1998 First Avenue show was a mostly heavy-blues affair; at times three guitarists (Polly included) were hoodoo-voodoo riffing on black Telecasters. As I wrote in my Vergas Graphic Shopper review the next day: "Like Zep, only sexier."

PJ Harvey is my favorite cock-rocker. She has more dick references in her songs than anyone this side of AC/DC. Personal favorites are songs like "Snake," "Long Snake Moan," "50 Ft Queenie," and "Man-Size." Her last album - Is This Desire? - didn't have any such imagery; which made her Zep-tribute show at First Avenue all the more satisfying.

PJ Harvey is my favorite cock-rocker, so I was relieved to hear the first song on her new album contain the lines: "I want a pistol in my hand" and "Baby baby give me the gun." Amen.

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