why poetry

because the words
     when the words are written, one after another,
in sentences, paragraphs
     in prose form:

You end up being clever. You use little tricks (for instance, the
use of asides that you tuck away in parentheses) or you might
employ run-on sentences defying all those grammar teachers
who said run-on sentences were inefficient and distracting, like
you should really listen to some boring, broke, despondent
English teacher a few years removed from Moorhead State who
resents your youth, your humor, your apathy, your just killing time
through high school - that great American pastime.

Mostly, the prose makes points. Mostly, the prose states arguments.
Mostly, the prose leads from point A (if A is the case) to point B (and if
B is correct) then ends up at point C (it follows that C must be true.)

And while you can circle your thoughts, coming at them from all
angles, dropping arguments in favor of their opposites, arguing
against yourself, sometimes you get 

     prose won't  work any more
because the words
     start coming out like when you're talking
                                     when you're nervous
			        when you're talking fast
     and have to think about what you're saying
     when the words have to be exactly correct
because of who you're talking to
because of what's being said
				   but in the poetry
				   you abandon any thought	
				   of making points
you write as if having just woken up
		          or of just having fallen asleep

	          the best times of the day

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